Liane Amendy

Liane Amendy is a German-Canadian artist who obtained her MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Science, Bielefeld, Germany in 1983. 

After spending many years travelling, living in different countries, Liane Amendy was struck by the vast, open, uninhabited space that is unique to Canada's landscape. Through the use of photography and plein air painting, Liane Amendy documents the places she visits, finding inspiration in the sky's changing colours as well as the different shades that the sunlight gives the landscape during a day's progression. Her landscapes depict scenes from across Canada, including Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. 
The German Expressionist movement and the Impressionists from Europe as well as the Fauvists from France hugely influence Liane Amendy's painting practice. Utilizing a fast painting process, she is interested in exploring light and colour through loose, intense brush strokes that express fast movement in painting. In her portraiture work, Liane Amendy seeks to realize the colours she sees in each individual subject in order to bring its soul to the canvas.
Liane Amendy divides her time between Calgary, Alberta, and Montreal, Quebec.
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